A fight against bed bugs sparks fire at home

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Firefighters were called to the home on 403 Westerfield Way in Lexington after they say a woman tried to take a bed bug problem into her own hands.

"They are the most pain in the butt bug I've ever met in my life," says the homeowner, who wants to go by Carol.

Carol says she and her mother have been fighting bed bugs in their home for months.

"I'm going to ask God one day why he created it, because I don't understand it," says Carol.

Carol says they've called exterminators in before to no avail. So frustrated, Carol says her mother took action, but it sparked an unexpected problem that required firefighters to the rescue.

"We found the fire in the bedroom, and then upon investigation we found that the occupant was trying to get rid of bed bugs by heating the room up to 95 degrees," says Lexington Fire Department Major Shaun Brown.

Fire officials says a camping grill was used to heat the room, essentially trying to create a sauna like feel.

An idea Carol says came from advice on the internet, but one that clearly backfired.

Firefighters say fortunately the damage was limited. The owner says the bed bugs are still a problem, and she doesn't know what she will try next.

Fire officials say the fire was confined to one bedroom. The footboard of the bed and part of the hardwood floor were damaged.

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