Man charged with DUI after winning demolition derby

David Warner
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Moments after winning the demolition derby at the Jessamine County Fair Wednesday night, a man ended up being taken to jail.

Nicholasville Police say 36-year-old David Warner was drunk, so they charged him with DUI.

Police say during the demolition derby itself, they began receiving complaints about Warner, claiming he was under the influence.

As soon as the derby was over, police say they approached Warner as he got out of his car.

Police say Warner was staggering, and having trouble standing up straight.

Police then gave Warner a sobriety test. Officers said he was clearly drunk.

Warner was immediately placed under arrest and charged with DUI.

On Thursday morning, the Jessamine County Fair board president said Warner won't be welcome back at the fair.

"The young man has no future here as far as events. He will not be allowed to participate in any event on these fairgrounds," Jay Bruner said about Warner.

Warner talked to NEWSFIRST Thursday afternoon saying he was unfairly treated, and called the charge ridiculous.

"I mean, I'm not denying I wasn't drinking by no means, but I was not drunk. I was under the limit," said David Warner.

Warner claims he drank a few beers before hitting the track, to "loosen me up," but he said it wasn't enough to warrant a DUI.

"I'm not perfect, but this has gone too far, and I will fight it," he said.

Fair officials say they're discussing their options. That could include stripping Warner of his trophy and prize money.