150-year-old Springfield home destroyed by fire

SPRINGFIELD, Ky. (WKYT) - Built before the Civil War, yet destroyed in a matter of moments.

“To see everything this house has seen, what’s it been through is tragic really,” said Mike Crawshaw.

Crawshaw says the tragedy could have been a major loss of life…his wife and three children were inside when it caught on fire.

“And one was upstairs and one downstairs..there’s no way they would have gotten out of here,” he said of his two boys, Fox and Jack.

Yet the sounds of breaking glass woke them up…and probably saved their lives.

“We’ll be thankful. We still have a family,” said Crawshaw.

The cause is under investigation but Crawshaw says he has some suspicions on how it may have started.

“It’s either in the laundry, or the entry door,” he said, saying that his wife, Rachel noticed smoke coming from the laundry door when the fire broke out about 2:30 Wednesday morning.

He says they do have insurance but no amount of money could replace the young lives the fire could have taken.

“You can’t put a price on those two boys…who cares about the money?” he said.

The Crawshaws were close to selling the house because the New Zealand natives were moving back to their home country. Now they’re amazed at the goodwill their American neighbors have shown them.

“We’ve had offers of a place to live…clothes, money, a guy came up with a $100 bill,” he said.

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