Possible Panther Sighting In Southern Kentucky

A cat has some people in Whitley County taking a double take. It's not just any cat, however. Those who've spotted the feline describe it as "huge."

David Turner says a friend snapped a picture of the questionable cat with a cell phone camera. At first, he thought his friend had shown him a picture of a house cat as a joke, but then he realized he was he was looking at something much more ferocious.

"It's very evident if it's a picture of a house cat, this is a picture of something bigger," Turner says.

Turner said many people think the panther-like cat is a tall tale. But wildlife officials had said it's possible, although not likely, panthers could be seen in southern Kentucky.

"My primary concern is that people we know that there is something dangerous out there if they're walking," Turner tells us.

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