Residents Concerned After Campus Attack

Lexington police continue to look for a man who threatened a woman with a knife at the Lexington Theological Seminary. She was able to get away, but people who live on campus are still on edge.

UK law student Ellen Moore rents a room at the Lexington Theological Seminary, and she's been concerned about campus safety since last February when residents held a meeting in response to some other incidents there.

"At the time. we had the meeting in February, I know of at least 2 women who told us at the meeting that they were attacked by a man, and we've all been very scared since then," said Moore. "We decided to walk in pairs and if anyone decided that they felt scared, they cold call one of the guys who live here and they would escort us."

The seminary has policed itself in the past, but seminary President Bob Cueni says the plan now is to hire security at least for night classes.

"We've had very, very few incidents over the years, but all of a sudden we've had an escalation in the last couple years," said Cueni. "Our committee on security looked at this and we thought we really just need to hire some security in the evenings for night classes."

President Cueni thinks he has a logical explanation for what happened almost exactly a year ago when there was an attempted purse snatching and an incident where a cleaning lady was confronted by a suspicious man.

"I think what we have are people who are just looking to get in out of the cold," he said.

For now, the administration is urging students to be on the lookout for anything suspicious and to be extra careful when moving about the campus.

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