President Clinton Makes Surprise Visit To Flemingsburg Dairy Queen

They might be known for their Blizzards and Dilly Bars, but now, a Central Kentucky Dairy Queen is getting attention for something totally different.

A special visitor dropped by the Flemingsburg restaurant Tuesday. And now, the town is all abuzz.

Former President Bill Clinton stopped by the Dairy Queen between campaign events in Maysville and Morehead.

He was visiting Kentucky to help get support for his wife's presidential campaign.

Sen. Hillary Clinton going up against Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

Employees at the Dairy Queen got a short notice that the former president wanted to stop by for a bite to eat.

But once he arrived, word quickly spread.

Around 400 people had gathered at the restaurant by the time Clinton left.

While at the Dairy Queen, he also tried his hand behind the counter. He used a machine to put ice cream into a cone.

He also shook hands and took time to take pictures with those at the restaurant.

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