Mother Outraged Over Alleged School Bus Discipline

A Southern Kentucky mother is furious after she says her son was forced by a bus driver to walk behind the bus on the way to elementary school.

The mother, Tara Warriner, says her son was asked to get off of the bus for misbehaving on the way to school in Russell Springs. School officials say they've taken care of the situation, but Warriner says the driver needs further repercussions for making her 7 year old walk in the road for 5 minutes. The Russell County school superintendent says the boy did not have to walk at all.

"There was a minor discipline problem with a child on a school bus. The bus driver, in a repeated attempt to get the child to sit down, ask the child to step off the bus to get his attention, then the child was taken back home," said Superintendent Scott Pierce.

Warriner says this is the second time her son has been made to walk behind the bus, but school officials say they're not aware of an earlier incident.

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