Church Member Gets Shocking Letter From Pastor

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A church member of Victory Time Full Gospel Church on Anniston Drive, received a letter from her pastor stating she would lose her church membership if she did not pay her tithes within the next thirty days.

Emma Hafferkamp says her friend has been distraught ever since she received the letter on Wednesday.

"In the letter, it says she had only tithed twice last year and she needed to pay her tithes within thirty days or her name would be removed from the membership list," Haffercamp told 27NEWSFIRST.

Haffercamp says the church means everything to her friend and the thought of losing her membership made her sick.

"She was so upset last night, she had like an anxiety attack. They called the ambulance and she went to the hospital", Hafferkamp said.

She also says her friend cannot afford to tithe because she is about eighty years old, on a fixed income and lives in subsidized housing.

The letter does say the church member is still welcome to attend church services but will not be a member if she does not start tithing.

We went to the church to speak to the pastor but no one answered the door and our repeated calls to him have gone unanswered.