Man Accidentally Shot By Police Improving In Hospital

A Nicholasville man continues to recover, after police say he was accidentally shot by an officer.

Police say the officer intended to use his taser to stop a fight between two men, but he accidentally drew is gun instead.

It happened in a parking lot next to the Nicholasville Police Station.

The shooting victim, Michael McCarty, says he's upset by what happened to him and is trying to recover. He spoke to us from his hospital bed, saying what happened yesterday was not justified.

A police news release says Lt. Billy Jones intended to use a taser to stop a fight outside the Nicholasville Police Department.... and instead pulled out his gun and shot McCarty.

Police say McCarty and his soon to be ex-wife, Amanda McCarty were at the police station to finalize a custody issue involving the couple's two children. Amanda McCarty was given full custody of their son and daughter, ages 6 & 8... and planned on taking them to texas with her boyfriend, Nathan MacLauren. they were at the police station to say good-bye.

Police say McCarty got upset and took a swing at MacLauren in the police station parking lot. while trying to break up the scuffle... investigators say Lt. Billy Jones mistakenly shot McCarty in the lower back.

Investigators say Lt. Jones is being evaluated by the Kentucky State Police. they also say he is shaken by what happened and hoping for McCarty's full recovery.

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