Deadly Tractor Trailer Accident Closes I-64

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One person is dead after a tractor trailer accident on Interstate 64 in Bath County early Tuesday morning.

Both east and westbound lanes were closed for two hours until the westbound lanes reopened around 8:00 a.m.

The eastbound lanes reopened just before 12:00 p.m.

The accident happened between exits 121 and 123 to Owingsville. Police are rerouting traffic onto US 60.

Police say the tractor trailer came upon a Chevrolet Cavalier stopped in the westbound lanes and rear ended it. The Cavalier had stopped because of a minor accident up the way. Police were in the process of re-opening the east-bound lanes. Investigators say the tractor-trailer came over the crest of a hill and simply could not stop before hitting the car. The tractor trailer over-turned and crossed the median into west bound lanes, narrowly missing an on-coming semi.

The man inside the Cavalier died. Officers have not released the man's name; they've only said he's local. Two people inside the tractor trailer went to the hospital.

Police think dense fog at the time may have contributed to the accident.