Wanted: Guitar Thief, $800 Reward

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Versailles man Bobby Flora loves his guitars. When he gets one in his hand, he makes beautiful melodies. But one day last week, the music stopped, when robbers broke in his home.

"Someone had taken 12 guitars out of one of my rooms", said Flora.

That was nearly his entire collection of Vintage Fender Electric Guitars. The only that wasn't stolen was an acoutic/electronic Ovation namebrand guitar.

"It appears whoever took the guitars knew exactally whey wanted," said Flora.

Most of them were unique guitars. They would range from $2,800 to $800 each.

"I had a 1981 walnut strat that was only made for two years, 1979 to 1981. You just can't buy that guitar anymore," Flora adds.

That was the case for nearly all of the $17,000 worth dollars of guitars. They can't be replaced. They have to be recovered. He's so serious about getting his guitars back where they belong Flora is willing to pay big bucks.

"I'm willing to offer and 800 dollar cash reward for infom that would help me collect the guitars," Flora told 27NEWSFIRST.

On top of that money, Kentucky Crime Stoppers is also offering cash for answers in this case.

If you think you know who is behind this crime, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 253-2020.