Hospital Hospitality House May Have To Close

It's a place of refuge in life's many storms, but it's financially strapped and may have to close.

Hospital Hospitality House is Lexington's adult only equivalent of the Ronald McDonald House, except it's not quite as impressive outside or in
and the home at 342 Limestone is in the kid of financial peril that the Ronald McDonald House isn't.

Lynn Morgan, who has served as Executive Director of the Hospital Hospitality House for the last 5 years, tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "It's a sad commentary. Each of the hospitals have been using us for 25 years, and they're not financially supporting us by sending us anything to take care of the guests they send us. The University of Kentucky has helped us by entering into a service contract, but that contract hasn't been changed since 1982 while the costs have changed dramatically."

Bonita Reed of Brandenburg, Kentucky, found a place to lay her head at night here when her son was going through a series of surgeries.
She says, "It was such a relief because then I would not have to worry about where I was going to get the money to pay for a motel room. We could come and go like it's our own home. Your have your own laundry facility, your own meal place if you want to come back in the middle of the day for a snack."

Bonita came back Tuesday to donate what she could for the hospitality she had received. She says, "I wanted to make sure they got my donation. A few other people from my church gave a little extra money and I put that in with it also."

The situation at Hospital Hospitality House is becoming more dire by the day, and according to Lynn Morgan, if things don't improve soon, its doors may have to be closed forever. "It's never been as critical as it is now, but it's not a money issue. It's a distribution issue. There are huge amounts of money in Lexington, but we need help."

Anyone wishing to help can call Hospital Hospitality House at 254-8998.

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