Emergency crews investigate reports of loud explosions in Montgomery County

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Emergency crews say they received multiple calls Wednesday night from people claiming to have heard some sort of explosion.

Dozens of calls started to come into the 911 center around 9 p.m. Callers reported loud noises and bright lights. The sheriff's office says most of the calls came in from the Jeffersonville area.

Deputies spent Wednesday night searching for a cause, but found nothing. Authorities checked with local pipeline companies, who reported having no issues. Emergency management officials say there was no earthquake activity in the region.

The event woke up Jeremiah Johnson and his wife. They described the booms as big shotgun blasts.

"We were worried about it. We stayed up until midnight worrying about it. Just wondering what was going on," said Johnson.

Officials say no one was harmed and nothing was damaged in the event.

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