Acid Leak Keeps Two Somerset Waterpark Attractions Closed

There are five main attractions at Somersplash in Somerset, yet swimmers can only use three of them. The tube slide and the lazy river are closed.

“Typically that chemical is not even supposed to make it to that part of the park,” says park manager Stephen Sims, speaking of
muriatic acid, also known as hydrochloric acid.

Sims says it's still a mystery how it leaked up into the tube slide plunge pool that also connects to the lazy river. Five people just so happened to be in that area when the acid was released.

“They were having respiratory trouble. Breathing problems, because muriatic acid, if you breathe it, it does take your breath away,” said Sims.

The 4 children and 1 adult have since checked out OK at a Somerset hospital, but why the chemical was released remains a mystery.

“It has never happened before and it should never happen again,” said Sims.

Officials maintain the water quality is completely safe, but until they figure out what caused the acid to get into the pool, the two attractions must remain closed.

“We're just waiting on one of them to actually come in and test the water. To just look it over and see what they can find if anything,” said Sims.

The health department ordered the attractions closed, yet Somersplash officials want to stress that the park as a whole remains open.

“Since those two attractions are down, we're doing a half price on admission. Hoping to get people out to the park.”


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