Another Nerve Gas Leak At Blue Grass Army Depot

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For those living near an Army depot where deadly chemicals are stored, "leak" is the one word they never want to hear.

Officials at Blue Grass Army Depot have confirmed that Sarin, an extremely toxic nerve agent, has been found leaking from a storage igloo, the same storage facility where another Sarin leak was discovered last August.

The Army says that igloo has been continually filtered and monitored since the initial leak and poses no risk to the public. But Craig Williams, director of the watchdog organization, Chemical Weapons Working Group, says this situation does carry great potential danger. "There's 49 igloos full of chemical weapons out there. That igloo before it was discovered to be leaking in August was on a regimen where it was monitored once a week. To me, that is not an adequate level of monitoring and protection for the work force and for the general public."

Williams told 27 NEWSFIRST, "There have been a number of studies already to determine the effects of a worst case scenario, an airplane crashing into an igloo and releasing a large volume of this materrial, a meteor strike, an earthquake. If you look at the probabilities of those sorts of things, they're very small. If you look at the consequences, they're catastrophic."

People living near the depot naturally are on edge despite the Army's assurance that no chemical agents have escaped the containment igloo.
Faye Bentley says, "I sit on my porch at night and I look over there across the fence and I think, 'oh, my God, what if?' I fear for my grandchildren who live directly across on the other side of the depot."

The United Nations classifies Sarin as a weapon of mass destruction. Its production and stockpiling was outlawed in 1993. Workers plan to inspect the container on Monday, then decide how best to correct the problem.

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