4-Year-Old Takes Car Keys, Goes For Joyride

At four-years-old, many children still can't ride a bike, but one Kentucky boy took it one step further.

The Lincoln County boy wanted to go to his grandmother's house, so he took the car keys and his little brother and left.

It happened on Saturday on Maxi Ridge Road in Lincoln County.

Sheriff Curt Folger says the boy took off while his mother and her boyfriend were asleep. The Sheriff says the boy got in the car, adjusted the seat and somehow got the car turned around.

The four-year-old didn't make it very far, crashing the car through a fence and some trees. Neither boy was hurt in the crash.

The Sheriff says when the boy's mother's boyfriend, Douglas Bell, got to the scene he was upset and made a move like he was going to hurt the boy or a deputy. Bell was arrested and charged with menacing.

The boy's mother has been reported to child protective services in Jessamine County where she lives.