County Clerk's Association: Software problem shouldn't stop new marriage licenses

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Same sex couples should not have to wait on a software company to get a marriage license in Kentucky.

Some clerks are having trouble printing the marriage licenses because they use a computer program that has not been updated yet with the new forms. The company that makes the computer program said it would be Tuesday at the latest before they could get the system updated.

But the Kentucky County Clerk's Association is telling clerks that shouldn't be a problem. Simply print out the old form and scratch out the words "bride" and "groom" and replace them with "first party" and "second party."

Bill May, executive director of the Kentucky County Clerk's Association, says new clerks may not know they can do that.

Warren County Clerk Lynette Yates is offering to print out a PDF version of the marriage license for anyone who wants to get married immediately. But they will have to come back next week to get the official document.

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