Family Sued For Cost Of Air Ambulance Trip

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David and Laura Strickland say they are being sued after flying to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in an attempt to save their son.

Their son, Aiden, would have been just over 13-weeks-old. He only lived 26 hours before he died. He had a rare heart condition.

When Laura went into labor three weeks early, she says doctors told her the only option was to get to the Cincinnati Hospital fast, so doctors could immediately treat Aiden when he was born.

The attempt didn't save their son, and the Stricklands say they still continued to get heartbreaking news.

The Stricklands say LifeNet told them to pay nearly $17,000 for that helicopter ride. They say their insurance policy would only pay $300 for transportation.

The attorney for the collections agency and the Strickland's health care provider, Anthem Insurance, could not comment at this time.

The Stricklands have since been contacted by LifeNet, the helicopter provider, to discuss the matter.

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