Residents: Hamas Militants Staged Attacks from Cover of UN School

GAZA CITY, Gaza (AP) - Residents of a Gaza neighborhood are
confirming Israel's claim that Hamas militants had opened fire from
the cover of a U.N. school where hundreds of Palestinians had
sought refuge.
Israeli forces fired back with mortars, and hospital officials
says three dozen Palestinians were killed.
Two residents say a group of militants had fired their mortars
from a street near the school, then fled into a crowd of people in
the streets. The Israeli army says two of the dead were militants.
It accuses Gaza's Hamas rulers of "cynically" using civilians as
human shields.
Gaza health officials say a total of 70 Palestinians have been
killed today, with just two confirmed as militants. A top U.N.
officials is calling for an investigation into the mounting
civilian death toll.
Meanwhile, Israeli ground forces have been edging closer to two
major towns in Gaza, despite international criticism over civilian
deaths and diplomatic efforts to broker a cease-fire.

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