Triple Murder Trial Expected to Reach Jury Today

The triple murder trial of a 33-year-old Lexington man is expected to go to the jury today in Bowling Green.

William Meece faces a possible death sentence for the February,1993 killings of veterinarian Joseph Wellnitz, his wife, Beth, and their son 20-year-old son Dennis.

They were shot several times each early in the morning at their farmhouse outside Columbia.

The surviving member of the family, 32-year-old Meg Appleton,has admitted helping plan the murders and is serving a term of lifewithout the possibility of parole for at least 25 years.

Appleton received an inheritance of 300-thousand dollars after the killings.

Meece confessed the day he was to go to trial in November 2004, giving authorities a statement filled with details about the crime. Yesterday Meece told jurors that two confessions he gave authorities in 2004 were so he could get new attorneys and a new trial.

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