Georgetown Mayor Implements Furloughs, Terminations

It's another sign of how folk's in Central Kentucky are suffering from the failling economy, the mayor of Georgetown is announcing more layoffs.

Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames has confirmed that she officially implemented the furloughs and terminations to 12 city employees on Friday.

The mayor proposed the terminations two weeks ago to help fill a more than 2 million dollar budget deficit this fiscal year.

Eight of people were laid off in the fire, bulding inspection, and police departments. The position cut in the police department was not an officer. Another four positions in other areas were also terminated.

"It's not what the council wanted to do, and it's not what I wanted to do," said Mayor Tingle-Sames.

"But we all understand, at this time, we don't have any other choice."

The mayor tells 27 NEWSFIRST the city is riding it's slimmest budget in recent memory.

"It's bad, possibly the worst for us here in Georgetown for as long as I can remember," said Mayor Tingle-Sames.

Now, the city is preparing for an even smaller budget next year, however, the mayor says they can't afford to cut more positions.

"We are riding a thin line, if we lay-off any more employees our services might be affected and we can't let that happen," Mayor Tingle-Sames said.

On Monday, the council will go over the options to generate revenue for the city budget. One of the options includes raising taxes.

Because of a 'Safer Grant' from the federal government, if the city can find the money to bring back some of the laid-off employee's, those in the emergency services would be brought back first.

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