Local Doctors Told To Send Flu Cultures To CDC

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As the swine flu continues to spread across the world, preparations continue here in the bluegrass state.

We still have no reported cases of the swine flu here in Kentucky, but health and government officials are stepping up efforts to keep a careful watch on potential cases.

Several doctors we spoke to in Lexington say they've seen several patients, concerned about the disease.

Doctors are now being to told to ship all local flu samples on the the CDC. The Fayette County Health Department is helping with that effort, picking up samples at local offices and taking them on to Frankfort.

Dr. Fadi Bacha, who works at an urgent treatment center in Lexington, says one patient he's tested has influenza, but it will take more testing to figure out if it is swine flu.

Dr. Bacha did say that person has had no contact with anyone in Mexico or the states where swine flu is most prevalent.

And here's a reminder: The Fayette County Health Department has set up a hotline for people with questions about swine flu. Since it was set up on Monday, health department officials have taken more than 100 calls.

That hotline number is 859-288-7529.

The Fayette County Health Department has also set up a clinic to look into potential cases of swine flu.

Also, the local Better Business Bureau issued an alert Wednesday about swine flu scams.

They say scammers are very active online right now. The BBB urges you delete e-mails about the disease.

They remind you that no vaccine for the flu exists so avoid offers that offer one.

The government says the first shipments of extra flu drugs have been sent out, some are coming to Kentucky.

State health officials say we already have 226,000 doses stockpiled in the state.

We've requested an additional 154,000 doses from the national stockpile.

That's enough to cover about ten percent of 4.2 million people who live in Kentucky.

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