New Law Leads To Arrest Of Accused Internet Predator

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A new state law says internet predators no longer have to make physical contact with their victims for it to be a crime. After an arrest this week, Lexington Police say the new law is already already paying off.

Tuesday afternoon, Lexington Police made a trip to Louisville to make an arrest. Police say 35-year old Todd Filzek thought he was chatting with a teenage girl, but it was really a Lexington Police officer.

Unlike years past, police didn't have to wait for him to make physical contact. A new law which took effect in July makes communicating with a minor in an attempt to engage in sex-- illegal.

"This has been most significant case since law enacted."

Lt. John Gensheimer says Filzek's computer was confiscated and he is charged with four counts of sexual misconduct, all felonies.

Filzek was bailed out of jail late Wednesday after paying a $10,000 cash bond. 27 NEWSFIRST contacted him at his Louisville home, but he didn't want to talk.

If convicted, Filzek could face between 1 and 5 years in prison.