Fake Dog Warden Steals Pit Bull

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A man's best friend was taken by an impostor, right from Aaron Miller's home.

"He asked me for my tags, insurance, and I didn't have any of it," says Miller.

Claiming he was with Animal Control, Miller says the man took Tasha, his brown pit bull mix, hitting her twice in the face with a baton before taking off with her in the back of his white Dodge truck.

But Anderson County Animal Control Officers say that man wasn't one of them. Their vehicles are white Ford trucks with a distinct logo, and officers will carry badges.

It's an incident now putting a neighborhood on alert. But Miller fears he won't ever see Tasha again.

The suspect has been described as a medium build man. He was wearing a gray T-shirt and blue jeans, driving a white dodge truck.

Anderson County is considering a tougher vicious dog ordinance after four pit bull attacks in the past three weeks. Neighbors think that might have been the suspect's motive.

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