Vandals strike historic cemetery

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A historic Kentucky cemetery falls victim to vandals. More than a dozen headstones were overturned and destroyed over the weekend.

The Ebenezer Church in Jessamine County was one of the first churches in Kentucky. On its property is the Ebenezer Cemetery,. A historic site with more than 150 tombstones, some of which belong to Revolutionary War and Civil War soldiers.

Some of the tombstones date back to the 1700's.

"This site is on the historic register", says Jeff Smith, a trustee and caretaker at the church.

However, this quiet place has recently been disrupted.

"Between Saturday night and Sunday morning", says Smith.

More than a dozen headstones were knocked over, vandalized, and destroyed over the weekend.

Jeff Smith says it's not what he ever wanted to see.

"It kinda hurts my feelings someone would come out here and destroy things. It's disgusting", says Smith.

Smith says not only did people destroy the headstones of people he knows, they also broke into the church.

"They used a cinder block trying to break the door down. When that didn't work they tried to kick the door in", says Smith.

In fact, whoever was responsible left their footprint on the door of the church doors. Smith says within the last month they have recently done other damage around the cemetery.

"A lot of trash and beer bottles and things like that", says Smith.

However, this time around it hit Jeff Smith hard. That's because he knows a part of history is now damaged.

"I know I have family out here and that's why I have a lot of disgust fort the people doing this", says Smith.

Jeff Smith says they plan on taking measures to prevent this from happening again, such as putting cameras around the church. He and others affiliated with the historic church hope to also come up with a reward to offer to find the people responsible for the vandalism.

If anyone knows anything about what happened they are urged to contact the Jessamine County Sheriff's Department.

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