Possible break in missing couple case

There are developments in the case of a Corbin couple who disappeared 38 years ago.

Police are hoping DNA evidence collected Thursday afternoon in Knoxville will lead to new information in the 1971 cold case.

Claude and Sue Shelton's daughters say 38 years have provided few answers.

“That is the worst thing anybody could go through, not knowing just not knowing. Where are they at? Are they dead or alive?” Debbie Nicely said.

Police say Claude and Sue Shelton left their home at Gerry's Trailer Park in Corbin after they tucked their three children into bed. But they never returned home.

“I heard my father say “Are you going with me or are you going to stay here? and they walked out the door, and that was the last time we saw them,” Sheila Shelton said.

There was an initial belief the couple went to the King's truck stop in Corbin, but workers there say they never saw them, and the Shelton's 1967 Ford Galaxie has never been seen again.

“I've always wondered, could that be my momma? or could that be my daddy? Because you really wouldn't know what they looked like.”

All three children now live in Knoxville, where their grandmother raised them.

She just died this past Mother's Day.

“Before she died we asked her to say hello to our parents in heaven and if there was any way please let us know if she meets them there in heaven,” Sheila Shelton said.

Thursday police collected DNA samples they suspect could match a body found in Oregon two months after the Sheltons went missing, it fits Sue Shelton's description.

“I hate to say this but I hope it's her, because my plans are to take here up there and put her beside ma-maw,” Debbie Nicely said.

“I think it's our grandmother, sending us a clue,” Sheila said.

Police and Claude and Sue Shelton's family hope they will come forward, and end 38 years of questions.

Police say the DNA collected will be placed in a nationwide database that could potentially match other remains found.

If you have any information about this cold case, you should call police.

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