Winchester Father Speaks Out About Daughter's Death

A Winchester father facing murder charges in the death of his 10 year old talked to 27 NEWSFIRST about the events leading up to her death.

In an exclusive interview, Patrick and Joy Watkins say a weekend outing ended in the tragedy.

10-year old Michaela died Sunday at her Winchester home.

Her father, Patrick says she fell in the bathtub Saturday night, hitting her head while receiving burns on her body.

Mr. Watkins says he and his wife, Joy quickly tended to the burns. But, then he says she fell down the stairs after getting out of the bathtub.

That night, Mr. Watkins says she seemed okay when the family watched a movie together. The next day he says they went to the Red River Gorge where they began to see problems with Michaela.

Watkins says on the way home they noticed she was having trouble breathing.

He admits at that point they should have called for help, but didn't. 45 minutes after arriving home, Watkins says he found Michaela dead in her bed.

Watkins feels she died from the fall and being burned in the bathtub a day earlier.

Watkins says the allegations that he and his wife were abusing Michaela and their other three kids is untrue. He says his daughter has only been living with him for the last year and before that she was sexually abused.

Patrick and Joy Watkins say the other three children that lived with them have been taken by social services. They say they have been threatened a number of times by inmates who have seen their story on the news.

Visitation for Michaela Watkins will be held Friday evening at the Franklin Avenue Church of God in Winchester. A private funeral will be held for the family. Michaela will be buried at Clairmont Memorial Gardens.

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