Horses for Hope program saves lives in KY

October is breast cancer awareness month.

Each year in Kentucky, 3,000 women are diagnosed with the cancer, and some 600 will lose their fight to it.

First Lady Jane Beshear is using her love for the horse industry to try and change those numbers, with her program Horses and Hope is in its second year in the commonwealth and its reaching out to the people who often times go unnoticed at the racetrack.

Amber Philpott reports.

At churchill downs, no one gets in or out of gate five without going past one woman.

Lauren Griffith is in her second year as a security guard at the famed track, she's just one of the hundreds of workers on the backside that many of us never see.

This two time survivor of cancer never dreamed she would learn she had it again.

Griffith says she owes her life to working at the track.

In May she took part in a free mammogram screening at Churchill provided through a program called Horses and Hope.

"I just assumed that it was going to be no big deal, but I got very lucky, they found that I did have a malignancy."

That program that potentially saved Griffith's life was started a year ago by first Lady Jane Beshear.

The goal to tackle breast cancer on the backside of Kentucky's racetracks.

"We never think about those folks, but they are so important, but if they weren't there we wouldn't be able to enjoy the races," Beshear said.

Since last year hundreds of track workers, both men and women have gone through the Horses and Hope program, many of them getting a mammogram for the first time.

Horse racing provides over 100,000 jobs and contributes majorly to the economy.

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