Issues Remain Unresolved On Legislature's Last Day

Senate Republicans are pushing pension plan reform: changes in state retirement. House Democrats want projects at universities vetoed last year restored. But neither has been agreed upon by both chambers.

Lawmakers are also at odds over a bill that among other things would bring money to communities around Lake Cumberland dealing with low water problems because of Wolf creek Dam. That same legislation could lead to an arena at Kentucky Horse Park.

Neither chamber agrees on the Boni Bill.

“The Senate put a little more into it. We would think it's important to have the staffing and technology we need for the social workers to make sure they're safe,” says Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher.

Governor Fletcher still says a special session is possible.

“We’ll have to sit down with them. It's not over until it's over,” says Fletcher.

Senate Adjutant General Donald Storm complained to Senators Tuesday that an amendment to a bill to add a tax exemption for military families hasn't passed the House.

“It's nothing complicated. There's nothing political. There's nothing partisan there. It's about veterans,” said Gen. Storm.

However, House Speaker Jody Richards says this isn't the year to debate such an issue.

“It's a break of protocol for him to wear his uniform and make a political statement. Strictly what it was,” said Richards.

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