Public weighs in on library book battle

Did they go too far?

Two library workers say they were fired after refusing to let a child check out a book they thought was inappropriate.

The controversy has stirred up lots of talk in Jessamine County.

Wednesday, people got the chance to tell the library board what they think.

At issue is the book "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier."

Library workers Sharon Cook and Beth Boisvert didn't think the book was appropriate for children, because it contained explicit sexual content.

When they kept a child from checking it out, Cook and Boisvert said they were fired.

Wednesday's meeting at the library was a standing room only crowd.

Dozens of people on both sides spoke out.

The library policy currently states it's a parents responsibility to determine what a child may or may not read.

The library board says its now reviewing its policy to see if a change is needed. But members say it may be months before a decision is made.

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