Scott County barn fire kills 8 horses

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - Clara Fenger, the owner of the Spooky Hollow Racing farm in Scott County, walks past twisted metal and burned wood lying on the ground.

Tossing water on hot spots, she tries to keep the fire from destroying what's left of her horse barn.

Through tears, she says eight horses died in a barn fire Sunday morning.

She says they lost four thoroughbred yearlings, as well as two riding horses and two retired mares in the fire.

Scott County fire officials say the barn burned to the ground about 6 a.m.

Fenger thinks the flames may have been sparked near the tack room where three things were plugged in.

Fenger says the barn was just renovated and everything was up to code.

Fire crews are still working to determine what started the fire.

She also says one of their cats died in the fire.

According to Fenger, seven of the horses killed in the fire were thoroughbreds and the yearlings would've been sold in September.

Fenger says one of the yearlings was insured and belongs to a client, the other three weren’t insured.

She says with the loss of the horses they also lost an entire year’s worth of income.

Their family has owned the farm on Ironworks Road for 17 years but Fenger says they will probably sell the rest of their horses in November.

She says the devastating tragedy will most likely put them out of the horse business because the horses they loved dearly along with their payday disappeared in ash and smoke.

They will try to remove the bodies of the horses from the barn before they are frozen to the ground, according to Fenger.

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