80-year-old woman fights off pit bull

Just outside Corbin’s Christian Care Communities assisted living community, 80 year old Pansy Prewitt was taking her toy poodle, Tikka, for a walk..when she says a pit bull attacked.

“The dog came out of nowhere, the next thing I know he had my baby in his mouth,” Prewitt says.

With Tikka fighting for her life, Prewitt fought back.

“He had a hold of my baby, and I wasn’t letting him go, he wasn’t dragging her off and tearing her up!” exclaimed Prewitt.

15 minutes later help arrived. Tikka was taken to the vet, and Prewitt went to the hospital for 5 stitches in her hand. Her family can’t believe she fought off such a big animal…and neither can she.

“I couldn’t do this on my own. The good Lord above helped me,” said Prewitt.

Her family says that Prewitt lives off a small monthly income and they’re concerned about how they’re going to pay for Tikka’s vet bills.

But Prewitt wants to know why the pit bull was out running loose.

“I want to know who owns the pit bull. Who did this to me? It was a selfish person, not to take care of it, how should I say this, uncontrollable animal,” said Prewitt.

Tikka is still on the mend, her condition being described as day to day. The pit bull is on quarantine in a pen outside a Corbin vet, while police look for its owner.

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