Hoops for Haiti E-Bay Auction items bring big bucks

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Sixteen E-Bay auction items bring in $152,000 for the 'Hoops for Haiti' fundraiser.

The same person bought two big ticket items that will have them meeting celebrities Ashley Judd and LeBron James.

That winner bought a dinner for six at Coach Cal's house with his wife and Ashley Judd. That went for more than 98,000 dollars.

The same person bid around 10-thousand dollars to meet LeBron James and go to a play-off game on a private jet.

Other big-ticket items include a private train ride from Lexington to Frankfort with Coach Cal. That brought in 12-thousand; appearances on the coach's TV and radio shows went for combined totals of nearly 7-thousand; a 2-on2 game with Scott Padgett and tony Delk went for nearly 55-hundred; and a dream day at Keeneland went for 47-hundred.

A Kentucky-blue Rolex Submariner watch is still on the market. The current high bid is six-thousand. The auction will end on the 24th.