Snow plow operator charged with DUI

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The investigation is still underway into a state snow plow operator, who is accused of driving under the influence while on the job.

Friday night, state police say a trooper spotted a plow and found it off the road along Louie B. Nunn Parkway in Adair County.

The trooper then got out to see if the driver was ok, but found the driver intoxicated.

Behind the wheel was state transportation worker 40-year-old Brian Doss. Later, investigators found the plow’s salt hopper about a mile from the accident.

With a broken mirror and damages to the door, the snow plow is out of the commission as Doss undergoes an investigation.

“I think it’s careless,” says Josh Wilson, a Kentucky driver.

While some drivers now question the integrity of those keeping them safe, the Transportation Cabinet says the case will be handled with the utmost importance.

“We take this very seriously, and appropriate measures will be taken,” says Stephanie Daffron, with the Department of Transportation.

Doss was in the Adair County Jail but has since bonded out. The status of his job is still unclear, pending further investigation. The Transportation Cabinet says it is waiting for the police and toxicology reports.

The Department of Transportation says Doss is currently working inside maintenance and has been taken off the roads.

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