People rally against mountaintop removal at Capitol

Hundreds marched around up to and then around the capitol…and then gathered on the steps to hear people talk about why they believe some forms of coal mining, what they argue is mountaintop removal, is hurting the environment.

Country singer Kathy Mattea was among them.

“But there is no better way to describe black water coming from your faucet, mine cracks in your front yard,” said Mattea.

Many say they’re not against coal mining, they say they’re against the way it’s done now.

“Burns coal to provide my electricity..and I feel guilty about that,” said Steve Wilkins of Paint Lick.

“If people feel guilty about burning coal, they need to have their electricity disconnected,” said Sen. Ray Jones, D-Pikeville

Jones says what some call mountaintop removal…many in his region call economic development.

“I mean thousands of families depend on their livelihood from mining related jobs,” said Jones.

But some here claim that cost is too high for those who live downstream.

“It’s degrading to the environment, it’s degrading to the future. Providing short term solutions of jobs and taxes,” said Mark Smith of Louisiville.

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