Debate Heats Up Against New Church

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Some residents of a Garrard County Neighborhood continue to show their strong disapproval for a Church wanting to move in next door.

Homeowners in Rolling Meadows subdivision along Kentucky 5-73 say the Church, The New World Missionary Center, does not belong next to their homes. Thursday evening residents met to discuss their concerns which include; zoning, traffic and the Minister of the Church.

Residents say Minister Everett Priddy plans to build on a property that is for residential use only. Vickie Eden, a spokesperson for The New World Missionary Center, says they bought the 9 acres of land without restrictions.

Eden goes on to say they will convert an already exsisting barn on the property into their place of worship even without the neighborhood's approval.

Some people in attendance at the meeting say they're upset Minister Priddy didn't show up to defend himself. Nearly seventy signatures were collected in opposition of the Church.