The Heat Is On; Officials Have Tips To Stay Safe

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of spending a hot day inside in the air conditioning.
And when temperatures reach into the 90's, like they did Monday, doctors say the best advice is to stay hydrated.
If you can't replace what you're losing from sweat, that's a big problem.
So doctors say you should drink plenty of water, wear protective and light clothing, and try to avoid the heat of the day.
If you can't, watch for the warning signs that you're overdoing it, like feeling tired, and getting cramps.
Make sure you keep an eye on children, the elderly, and those who don't have air conditioners.
For those who don't have air conditioners, the Community Action Council can help.
The organization gives them to those in need. All air conditioners are donated, so community support is essential.
Besides your body, the extreme heat can also put a strain on your wallet.
Everyone uses more electricity this time of year, but Kentucky Utilities says its ready to handle the increase in demand.
There are some ways to conserve energy in your home. Experts say you should keep shades closed, clean your air conditioner filter, turn on fans to circulate the air, and turn down the temperature of your water heater.

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