Former CBS News correspondent, UK journalism director David Dick dies

Former CBS News correspondent, educator and author David Dick passed away this morning at his Bourbon County farm. He was 80 years old.

Dick was also the father of WKYT anchor Sam Dick.

"David was a true professional. He brought a high sense of ethics to the journalism profession," said former WKYT news director Ken Kurtz. "And it didn't make a difference if he was covering the hardest of hard news or the silliest of features he did a truly professional job."

Dick's path as an award-winning journalist took him from WHAS in Louisville to CBS News where he covered wars and stories around the globe.

"He covered one of the most difficult stories that I can imagine, the Jonestown massacre where almost a thousand people died. And he brought sensitivity to it and he guided the viewer through what happened at that horrendous event," Kurtz said.

After serving as a CBS News correspondent for more than two decades, Dick returned to Kentucky where he served as director of the University of Kentucky's school of journalism.

"Because David Dick was the quintessential Kentuckian, he never forgot his roots," said Kurtz about Dick's love of Kentucky. "When the time to leave CBS after 25 years or so, he and his wife Lalie were world travelers. They could have lived anywhere. They choose to come back to Kentucky."

Dick become a celebrated author and penned "Home Sweet Kentucky," a collection of articles co-authored with his wife.

In 1987, he was inducted into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame.

"As a Kentuckian, I always appreciated David's inquisitive mind and gentle spirit," said WKYT managing editor and anchor Bill Bryant. "The trip from Kentucky to CBS News and back to teach journalism and share his experience was an admirable journey. And his wonderful books captured the beautiful people and nature of his home state. David did the kinds of things a lot of people talk about but never get around to."

Born in Cincinnati in 1930, Dick was an eagle scout by the age of 16.

After his father's death. his mother Lucile brought her three small children back to her native Bourbon County.

Visitation for David Dick will be held from 3 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Hinton-Turner Funeral Home at 526 Pleasant Street in Paris. His funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Monday at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Paris.

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