Police: 5-year-old boy accidentally shoots, kills 2-year-old sister

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Tucked away in a scenic corner of Cumberland County on Lawson's Bottom, you'll find a family dealing with an unspeakable tragedy and it's a tragedy their neighbors are desperately trying to make sense of.

"Oh, it's devastating. An entire community , a whole county is devastated. Very happy children, very loving children. A great family, give you the shirts off their backs," said neighbor Wanda Cole.

The coroner says the five-year- old received the 22 "cricket" rifle as a gift and commonly used it for hunting with his father. Police say they were called when the rifle went off and hit the two-year-old Caroline Sparks. She died despite hour long attempts to save her life at a hospital.

"We won't have the full autopsy results for a week," said Kentucky State Police Trooper Billy Gregory.

Police say no charges were filed, but a grand jury could have the final say.

"I think it's a little early to talk about it. We are about 24 hours from when it happened, some questions we haven't got answers to," said Gregory.

Police say there's laws dealing with handguns and kids, but not for the rifle used in this incident.

"We're talking about..here's a rifle, a long rifle. That may be precluded from the KRS (Kentucky Revised Statues)" said Gregory.

Regardless of the legality, police say there could still be lessons to be learned by this.

"And so maybe this will prompt some others to take a good hard look at weapons in the home and how that works," said Gregory.

Police say their investigation into the shooting could take weeks or even months.


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