Abandoned puppies rescued but still need your help

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - They were found all alone, and one of them had some serious injuries after being hit by a car. But now those abandoned puppies from eastern Kentucky are getting a second chance in Lexington.

Rescuers brought the dogs to Lexington where the injured puppy is now receiving treatment.

Holidays are enough to handle with four kids, a few foster dogs, and a couple dogs of her own. But Shannon Smith says she enjoys the chaos and just rescued six seven-week-old puppies who were abandoned in Lawrence County. But only five of those puppies are now at her home. That's because one was taken straight to the vet.

"Friday the 13th was when they told us that he was hit. He did not receive any vet treatment until Tuesday," said Shannon Smith, who is now taking care of the puppies. "But the vet says he thinks the injury is 12 days old."

For now, his name is Brutus, and at first his odds weren't good. It was either amputate one of his back legs, put him down, or try surgery. Smith opted for surgery.

"He's so pitiful," said Smith. "We went and saw him today, and he has no use of that leg, but he sure does try!"

His four brothers and one sister aren't having an easy time either. They're battling worms and fleas and still need to be spay and neutered.

The Smith home isn't the puppies' permanent home, but it's their home until they have a clean bill of health. That's when Smith can start adopting them out.

The puppies are all mixes of lab, boxer, and pit. They are the types of dogs that Smith says are often left to fend for themselves since they are a bully breed. She calls them the underdogs.

"I feel like they get overlooked so often, and I want to be an advocate for the breed and for those dogs," said Smith.

Helping these puppies, especially with one needing surgery, comes with a price. The $1,000 needed for Brutus's surgery is the main focus right now.

"He has so much life in him, and I hated to not take the chance on him if we could," said Smith.

If you want to donate to Brutus's surgery, then you can go to the 'You Caring' link above. You can also contact Shannon Smith through the 'Lexington Pit Crew' Facebook page.