ARCHIVED STORY: Accused judge in Kentucky disability fraud case attempts suicide

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BARBOURSVILLE, WV. (WKYT) - Former Judge David Daugherty was found unconscious in a car in a church parking lot last week. Police say he was attempting to commit suicide.

Daugherty and attorney Eric Conn are the targets of a congressional investigation.

They're accused of teaming up to bilk the nation's social security system by getting bogus disability claims approved.

A West Virginia police report states the former judge tried to commit suicide in a church parking lot.

Police in Barboursville, West Virginia found former Daugherty passed out inside a car.

The report says the car had a hose running from the exhaust to the passenger side window. Nearby they found an empty vodka bottle and empty pill container.

Daugherty along with attorney Eric Conn of Floyd County are the targets of a scathing report on disability and fraud.

Earlier this month, a Senate committee report detailed how Conn built, what it calls, one of the largest and most lucrative disability practices in the nation, wracking up millions of dollars in legal fees.

But the report says he didn't do it all alone. Conn is accused of inappropriate collusion with the now-retired judge.

The report says Conn and the judge had collaborated a scheme that enabled the judge to approve, in assembly-line fashion, hundreds of clients for disability benefits using manufactured medical evidence.

Daugherty was taken to a West Virginia hospital.

He retired in 2011 after investigators first started asking questions in the case.