Ambulance crashes on icy bridge

In Lexington, Interstate 75 is back open after a series of accidents on the Clays Ferry bridge early Friday.

The first crash involved an ambulance transporting a patient from Wayne County.

The ambulance slid on the icy bridge and hit it.

After that accident, a semi jackknifed and at least two other cars crashed in the northbound lanes.

Lexington Police say a salt truck was able to spread salt over the southbound lanes.

However, a piece of equipment broke on the truck and it couldn't salt the northbound lanes for a while, according to police.

Officers shutdown the northbound lanes for at least 90 minutes.

No one was seriosly injured. The patient in the ambulance went to St. Joseph East Hospital.

Police have reopened the Clays Ferry Bridge.

However, they warn bridges and overpasses may remain slick.

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