Anonymous better gives $26,000 race winnings to charity

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Can you imagine winning more than $20,000 at Keeneland, and then giving it away? One Kentucky organization is reaping the benefits of that generous donation.

An anonymous donor turned over his winning ticket Thursday to the Make-A-Wish Foundation staff at Keeneland.

"All of the major thoroughbred farms in Lexington come together to sponsor kids and put on Make-A-Wish Day at Keeneland," explained Make-A-Wish board member Joy Roytz. Keeneland's annual event helps pay to make nine childrens' dreams come true. The average cost for a wish is $7,000. Imagine their surprise when a man walked up with a big donation.

"At the end of the day there was a gentleman who came up to a couple of the representatives at Make-A-Wish and said, just tapped them on the shoulder and said can you follow me to the window?"

Roytz says the man disappeared before the teller could hand over the winnings.

"She told them it's worth $26,000, but by that time he was already gone so they have no idea who this guy is. They just know that he's from Georgia and he has a really good heart and he really made a difference in a lot of families' lives."

His $26,000 donation alone will help pay for three separate wishes.

"It's jaw-dropping what this gentleman did. He gives everyone hope that there is still the kind of humanity that you only hear about in movies."

A representative with Make-A-Wish tells us the average cost of a wish has increased slightly, and is now up to $8,000.

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