Berea 'alcohol in restaurants' referendum passes with 1,476 votes

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Tuesday, voters in Berea voted yes allowing restaurants to sell alcohol by the glass within city limits.

With the exception of Richmond, Madison County was previously dry.

With 1,416 votes for the referendum, Berea will now allow restaurants to serve alcohol by the glass if the restaurant seats at least 50 people and makes 70 percent of their sales off food. It still does not allow the sale of alcohol at bars or package stores like Richmond does. 1,113 votes were cast against the referendum.

A petition drive that obtained 1,150 verified signatures prompted Tuesday's special election.

Currently, only one restaurant in Berea sells alcohol; the Boone Tavern, a 106-year-old restaurant owned by Berea College, has served alcohol since October.

Two previous votes that would have allowed alcohol sales within the entire city limits of Berea were defeated in 2000 and 2007.

Last fall, another petition drive to have Berea go fully "wet" and allow bars and package sales failed to get the required number of signatures.

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