Bus riders concerned about new Lexington bus stop location

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The new location of a Lexington bus stop has some bus riders, like Kim Thomas, concerned.

"It upset me, it upset a lot of people on the bus," says Kim Thomas, a Lextran bus rider. "This is not a safe place for you to move the bus stop to let people off in the middle of traffic essentially."

Thomas says for years the bus stop was right by the Macy's door that faces Nicholasville Road. People waiting for the bus could sit on benches with a roof over their head. The bus stop's new location is much further away from the mall. It also doesn't have any shade from the weather or a place to sit, at least for now.

"Lextran has asked for permission, and we've granted it, to install a bus shelter. We're going to do some constructing of a crosswalk in that vicinity," says Myron Worley, Fayette Mall's General Manager.

Lextran officials told WKYT they know this move isn't ideal, but mall officials asked them to move their location. Because the mall is on private property, they didn't have a choice.

"We felt that this was a safer location than an alternative stop that may have been located on Nicholasville Road, simply due to the volume of passengers that go into the mall," says Jill Barnett, Lextran Director of Community Affairs.

WKYT spoke with Macy's officials who told us the reason for the move was so that Fayette mall shoppers could reach the bus stop at a more centralized location.

"Out in the back parking lot behind Dick's is where it is. That's not central to anything except Dick's and it's a pretty good hike from there," says Thomas.

Lextran and mall officials say they hope to have a bus shelter and crosswalk installed at the new bus stop within the next couple of weeks.

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