Cattle rustlers strike Lincoln County stockyard

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Cattle Rustling, it was a crime that many states used to punish by death in the 1800's, and while the punishments aren't the same the "old fashioned" crime is still happening in modern times.

"Yeah, cattle thieving is an old-time theft, you know the penalties are not as strong as they used to be," stated Lincoln County Sheriff Curt Folger.

The Sheriff says sometime between Monday, November 5th and Tuesday evening of the 6th, seven head of cattle were stolen from the Lincoln County Stockyard. It's believed the the suspects cut the lock to the outside gate and backed up a trailer to the loading pen.

"This is about the third incident that we've had (over the last couple of years) where cattle have been stolen here in our county," said Sheriff Folger, adding that the thieves may choose "cattle rustling" because, "it's better than the scrap material they're getting this day-and-time."

Investigators believe the suspects used an older trailer because of the pieces of wood they found at the stockyard. Sheriff Folger said he believes the weight of the cattle broke off the trailer's flooring.

The stockyard owner, who did not want to be identified, says these seven cattle were just bought in an auction on the previous Saturday and were set to move that Tuesday.

"There were other cattle in the yard, but these were, I feel like, all the cattle they could haul," he went on to say he thinks it's a local job.

However, these are not lost pets, these are pricey animals and the Sheriff says the amount stolen really adds up.

"Approximately $4,500 worth of cattle (were) taken, which this day and time they'll take them to other stockyards and sell them," explained Sheriff Folger.

"Then, you have to make it up someway to the people that bought the cattle," added the stockyard owner.

While it may be a rare report, Sheriff Folger says it's still a serious crime, and he and his deputies are determined to find these "rustlers."

One break they're hoping will help is the cattle were marked with ear tags and the steer had their horns cut down. The stockyard owner said the breakdown was four Holsteins, one Jersey steer, one red steer, and one black-and-white faced steer.

If you have any information, you are asked to call the Lincoln County Sheriff's office at 606-365-2696.

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