Central Kentucky school prepares for unlikely emergency

Control panel to activate positive pressure system in case of emergency. (Clark Moores Middle School in Richmond, Ky)
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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - As part of the Bluegrass Army Depot's annual chemical stockpile emergency preparedness program several schools held drills in the unlikely event of a chemical spills emergency.

More than 20 schools throughout ten Kentucky counties held a practice drill Wednesday morning to ensure students know what to do in case of a rare chemical weapons incident.

The students of Clark Moores Middle School are part of a community wide exercise in case there is ever a chemical accident at the depot.

"We hope it never happens. It is a concern, but we have to do what we have to do to keep our people safe," says principal Vickie Fritz.

Over 500 tons of chemical agents remain at the Bluegrass Army Depot, just over three miles from the middle school. The chemicals consist of Mustard, Saran and VX liquids.

"These are known as the most dangerous agents to man. They can come up and bite you," says Chief of Public Affairs for the CMA, Greg Mahall.

The drill was held in an unlikely event there is a chemical incident from the dangerous stockpile of chemical weapons. As part of the drill, the students are brought to particular areas of the building. The lockdown activates a positive pressure system that keeps the outside air out of the building. The system filters the inside air; hopefully keeping out any chemical agents.

Mahall says the ultimate destruction of the chemical weapons stockpiled at the depot is projected to take place in 2023.