Centre College to host Debate Festival

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Danville, Ky. (WKYT) -"Not everyone knows about Centre because we are such a small college. But, something so big happening at such a small place brings a lot of attention, and good attention at that," says Chelsea Benham, a senior at Centre.

Students at Centre College are excited that the school will host a debate festival creating an opportunity for the community to take pat in this historic event.

"They'll have the debate on the lawn, which is going to be real cool with the big blow up screen and everything. So that everyone can enjoy it at the same time," adds Benham.

The festivities on campus begin at noon on debate day and it's not just for students, but also for the Danville community.

We did this in 2000 and we had nearly 6,000 people attend. So we are prepared for that same type of crowd, if not more. We want to welcome them warmly," says Michael Strysick, the Communication Director at Centre College.

It's taken months of planning and preparation to host this event. Those at Centre college say that you can expect a true Kentucky experience.

"At approximately 8:15, the bugler from Churchill Downs will play the Call to Post, followed by My Old Kentucky home, and the National anthem. So we want to make sure we have a true Kentucky kind of experience," says Strysick.

Some local choirs and musical groups will also be playing on campus, some performers are Centre College alumni.

Even after the Debate finishes at 10:30, the Marshall Tucker Band will perform on campus.

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