Mother arrested after baby, child photographed with drugs

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LESLIE COUNTY Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - A baby and a five year old were photographed posing with illegal drugs.

The pictures are being considered disturbing and now two Kentucky women are behind bars.

It was more than a routine check that led police to a marijuana patch in Leslie County.

Several pictures of the plants caught their attention.

“They had some disturbing pictures that they wanted us to look at so we went there,” said Deputy Adrian Cornett.

A local business called police after developing them, and officers say some of the images raised even more concern.

“There were several children in pictures holding marijuana and had marijuana joints rolled up and was attempting to smoke them,” said Cornett.

Police said someone tried to cancel the order but it was too late; they were already being developed.

It was on Lower Bad Creek that officers were able to find what was in those photos.

Beth Hensley, the children's grandmother, was arrested and charged for cultivating and trafficking marijuana, along with Tracy Hensley their mother for endangering their welfare.

“That's just deplorable to think that people would do something like that, like it's no big deal to them and that's just the demeanor they had about the whole situation. They just didn't care,” said Cornett.

All five children were taken from the home after the arrests and turned their printed memories into evidence.

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