Chris Bailey's Forecast | Strong storms roll through tonight

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Our overall break from showers and storms will likely end as we head into the weekend. Better chances of storms arrive here Saturday. Along with some pretty intense heat!

So far this summer we have avoided the major heat. Believe it or not, the temperatures that we are about to encounter this weekend could have been even worse. All of this recent rain is actually keeping us "Cool" compared to what kind of temperatures we could have seen. The drier conditions in western Kentucky have allowed them to see highs in the mid and in some cases upper 90s. While around here it has been more of a flirting with 90 or just at it. So keep that in mind as the heat really kicks in this weekend. The heat Index values will likely hover around 100 degrees for most of us this weekend.

Let's look beyond heat and humidity. Showers and thunderstorms on a scattered note will begin to filter into our area on Saturday. It doesn't appear that we will see just round after round of showers and thunderstorms. The outlook mainly includes a better chance of scattered showers and storms.

Storm chances will begin to ramp-up by the end of the weekend. By Sunday night and into Monday we'll see more widespread chances of thunderstorms. This could lead to some issues as there is a good chance these thunderstorms will be strong or severe. Over the weekend, watch radar for more organized thunderstorms to develop north of Kentucky. Each day the better concentration of thunderstorms will get closer to us. Eventually, those will sweep into Kentucky.

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